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Maurice Maeterlinck. Douze Chansons. Illustré par Charles Doudelet.

1929 Bruxelles, Edition Aryenne. Printed by Edmond Gregoir after the 1896 edition, and extended with 12 extra illustrations.

This is number 3 of 25 de-lux copies on Japanese paper (prior to 75 copies on Arches) with hand-coloured illustrations by the artist, and a suite of the illustrations on Chinese paper. Signed by Maeterlinck and Doudelet. 43,5:32,5 cm. in portfolio.

An iconic result of the collaboration between the symbolist writer – and only Belgian Nobel-prize for literature Laureate – Maurice Maeterlinck and the great Belgian symbolist painter Charles Doudelet.

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Evergreen Review, Pataphysique, Demian
Evergreen Review. What is ‘Pataphysics?

1960 New York, Grove Press, Evergreen Review volume 4 number 13, 192p. 20,5:13,5 cm.

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