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Chandler Brossard. Who walk in darkness.
Chandler Brossard. Who walk in darkness.

1952 New York, New Directions Books, first edition, 192p. 21:14,5 cm. Hardcover with dust jacket in fine condition.

Early cult-novel about the hipster community in New York’s Greenwich Village. With signature of former owner on the title page.

Quote from the front flap:
“What is a ‘hipster’? The name derives from the jazz term ‘hip’ and denotes a person who possesses ‘superior awareness.’ The ‘hipster’ sees through the shams of conventional attitudes and morality; he patterns his life on a code of personal freedom which has something in common with that of the French Existentialist.

Because ‘hipsters’ are much too smart to work, they live by their wits in a kind of underground which lies half way between neurosis and violence.”

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Stefan Themerson. Korzybski, my dog, and I.

Original typescript of an unpublished story (6p. with corrections in pencil) including a short letter to Belgian author and art critic Freddy de Vree. 7 March 1967.

With original photograph of Stefan Themerson posing in his London apartment leaning on a radio, in front of a large drawing of Franciszka Themerson. Late sixties. 16,5:21,5 cm.

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Sinclair Beiles / William Burroughs / Gregory Corso / Brion Gysin. Minutes to go.

1960 Paris, Two Cities Editions, first edition, 63p. 21:13,5 cm.

Spine with small imperfections and discolouration. Provenance: collection Simon Vinkenoog.

Signed by Beiles, Burroughs and Corso and with two handwritten remarks by Burroughs: Under ‘Open Letter to Life Magazine’ (page 12) he wrote “by Sinclair Beiles”, and to his Cut-up text ‘Mao Tze’ (page 20) he added to the line ‘(fight fight talk talk… talk talk fight fight)’: “Fighting produces fighting./The response to talk/ is talk.”

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